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Halloween Stock Music on Our Top 5 Scary Ads

Halloween Stock Music in Ads

Music for Halloween Commercials


As Halloween approaches various ad agencies and production houses get busy creating all kinds of spooky and scary ads for various shows and products with Halloween stock music tracks. Halloween recently is becoming more and more of a major event on the annual calender. And it is the adults that are enjoying it as much as the kids! It is an excuse to dress up, let loose and allow that freaky alter ego to come out! With one or two of the Muziko team being DJs, they have noticed a whole week of nights out in the lead up to Halloween with various parties around London, Dublin and beyond enjoying the creepy capers!

And to promote these events and products, ad agencies pick some of the best scary Halloween stock music as a creepy underscore to their commercials. Here are some of our favourite TV ads in recent times!

1. Ikea Singapore – The Shining

This is a great parody on the Stanley Kubrick directed classic horror, The Shining. A child cycles around a deserted Ikea store looking for his parents until they appear suddenly as the twin girls in the movie…


2. Phones4U – Samsung Tocco

Once again this ad for a mobile phone deal seems to take inspiration from The Shining with what seems to be one of the Grady Twins appearing with news of the latest offer…


3. Sony PlayStation 3 – Baby Doll

This commercial is not so much scary but a little more disturbing! It depicts a baby doll’s reaction to the new Playstation 3 with some really nice drone music…


4. BEWARE – K-Free ‘Car’

There is a scary surprise at the end of the K-Free ad which will certainly wake you up. The Halloween stock music in this ad is beyond cheesy – kind of pan pipes over synth strings in what is really elevator music!

5. Autoway Tyres – Japan – Using Halloween Stock Music

Finally on the list is an ad from Japan. Two guys drive down a snowy back road only to hit a scary looking girl. When driving back towards here, she delivers some advice on where to buy tyres!

For some pop or commercial music check out this collection of Halloween songs by pop and rock artists here.

We hope that you enjoyed these scary Tv commercials which contain some interesting Halloween type music. Be sure to keep safe over the spooky festive season.


Happy Halloween, from the Muziko Team!

Muziko has a large range of Halloween stock music tracks here which can be licensed for all media including TV and radio ads plus web video.

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