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Quirky Stock Music Placements

Here at Muziko, the library tends to specialize in quirky stock music tracks, the type that might be found on Apple TV commercials. These tracks have a happy quirky feel and are popular in tv and radio commercials and also online and web videos, as well as corporate videos. The type of instruments that tend to be used are ukuleles, mandolins, xylophones, vibraphones, various percussion instruments and anything that has a quirky school band feel. These instruments tend to give a positive, happy-go-lucky feeling to a commercial or online video.

Recent Quirky Stock Music Placements

In recent times Muziko has placed tracks with several online video promoting new products and services. One is Parkbob which is a new app which tells you where to park.



Lofty is an online tool for selling antiques and collectables. It links sellers with buyers and lets them help each other to sell items profitably and effectively by cooperating over the process online.

Wolfies is a new fast food chain franchise that is currently being promoted in the UK.


With all of these videos, music with a positive uplifting feel was needed to portray a new and fresh vision for these services or products. has hundreds of quirky stock music tracks which can create the right mood and feel for any promotional or explainer video. All of these videos and animations were created by our friends at Piehole who are the experts in this feel.


Alan Killian is the director of and also composes custom music for TV and radio commercials.

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Stock Music – Editing for Commercials

Working With Stock Music for Online Videos and Commercials

With being an online stock music library, the guys there also get requests to produce radio commercials. So, on this occasion we will endeavor to give some tips and advice on working with stock music tracks when putting together the audio for an online video or for TV and radio commercials. Plenty of voice over artists often double us as audio engineers within these difficult financial times. Hopefully these tips will help the less experienced guys get a handle on editing and producing radio commercials.

Tips on Editing Stock Music for Online Video or Commercials and Ads

So you’ve picked your stock music track – you’ve got a funky or quirky number that represents the brand and which the client has approved. You’ve got your voice over down with the right feel, tone and timing. All you have to do now is edit your stock music track to bring it all together…

1. Timings: With commercials there must be a half second of silence(12 frames for TV) in each production(some stations allow music and sound FX right from the start, however). The reason is obviously that you do not want the voice in the end of one ad and the start of the next sounding like one single ad. For example “..if you like chocolate, buy RoantreeCadbury make great chocolate…”. Obviously, two different voices will be heard but that would not sound good at all. The client certainly would not be happy! Regarding radio stations, they are a bit more flexible with stretching the length of commercials beyond the allotted time – they might allow a 30″ to be 31/32″, etc, however TV stations tend to be more strict.

2. Parts of a track: Some stock music libraries will provide various cuts of tracks for advertising. But audio engineers will invariably tend to edit a track around the voice over. They might pick out parts with less lead instruments which will give more space for the voice frequencies. It is always a good idea to listen to a track the whole way through so as to see which parts it has. Sections which are more basic might provide a better background music bed for an ad.

3. Tempo: It can be a good idea to add a a bpm grid when editing music(you can just add some markers to keep you within your commercial’s time length). There are lots of bpm counter tools out there. But you can just turn on your metronome, start your track from 0:00 on the time line and keep resetting the DAW’s(Digital Audio Workstation) tempo until you have matched the bpm with that of your track. Then turn on the ‘snap to grid’ feature and just cut exactly at the beats or bars. Some will blend nicely, some will not. Just experiment and use crossfades where required.

Stock Music for advertising and online video editing

Pro Tools is a popular choice of software for Editing Stock Music and Voice

4. Start and End: There are various ways to start and finish a commercial. Just starting with a line of voice can grab the listeners attention, then follow with music. The start of your track could have a slow build up, so maybe fade in with a later part of the music such as a drum fill. For the second part of an ad, try using a different part of the track, a different section or a ‘middle 8′. It usually gives a good feel to end the ad with a proper stop, or ‘button’ ending of the track, as opposed to a fade out. Use your grid to drop in the last bar of the track allowing for the natural fade of the final beat/note/chord of the music. Sometimes you might need to cut a bar in half for it all to fit – just experiment! You can of course leave space for a final line of voice with no music such as the company’s phone number.

5. A few works on Mixing: Mixing your ads is worthy of a new blog post. But a few basic tips are… Cut down the bass. You do not want to particularly exercise the bass capacity of a radio or stereo. Most smaller radios will not reproduce the very low frequencies anyway. Remember that ‘dialogue is king’, so boost the area abound the VO frequencies a little and reduce that same frequency in the music. Regarding your levels, TV in the UK and Ireland will require a mix peaking at 6ppm(again, part of another future post on mixing) but radio stations will often accept mixes up to 0dB on your DAW. Compression is essential too as this is radio’s middle name. And then they will add more squashing!

So that’s it. Some basic yet essential tips on mixing stock music for commercials. Hopefully this will help you on your way to creating clean, fresh and polished radio ads.

Alan Killian is an audio mixer with several years experience working in audio post production for TV and radio. He is also one of the directors of, the online stock music library.
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Stock Music Library UK

Supplying Stock Music library UK Clients

As the Muziko business grows and develops it is finding new customers for its Stock Music Library UK. Now there are a number of UK based client to whom Muziko supplies stock music for promotional video, online video and corporate filem and communications. Online video as a means to promote a new production or service is growing monthly . The majority of video producers feel that music very much enhances their productions and so they add some stock music to their film. Certain companies now study data about online video use. One of these is comscore and it has published this report about online video watching in the UK, here. Comscore has described online video us as ‘booming’.

Use of Stock Muziko Music Recently

A recent customer of Muziko was Jump Films. They created an online video for Mulranny Park Hotel in Mayo. It features food producers dressed as cowboys and is a good humored take on some old wild west movies. You can check out this video here at Mulranny Park. The stock music library track shows some of the diversity in the type of music that Muziko holds in its stock music library. It has many tracks with an American western feel.

Production Music Library UK

Stock Music Library UK at

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Stock Music Library UK

Stock Music Library UK and Ireland

If you are searching for a stock music library UK, then check out This library provides good stock music for uses in TV, film, advertising and online media. Muziko has been used by different UK video companies such as Little Orchard Productions and advertising companies such as JWT London. A Stock Music Library is very important to a video production company as it provides the right kind of production music to enhance a video production. This helps to develop a tone or feel helping to sell a product or service.

Stock Music Library UK Tracks for use in the UK and Ireland

Stock Music and Production Music Uses

Stock and production music has so many uses in todays video production Industry. If you can imagine a video production without any music, it would probably be quite boring and uninspiring. But adding stock music can really help to bring a film or ad alive. Music is very important in giving a video the right feel and vibe.


Where are Companies Placing Their Online Videos Now?

YouTube is the obvious choice for companies to put their videos now as it is the biggest video streaming website on the globe by far. It is very easy to embed a link to your own website from YouTube and they provide you with this code.
Another choice is Vimeo. This service tends to provide a more professional environment for a lot of producers and it is used by many filmmakers. It is always good to have tracks from a stock music library UK in you videos, wherever they are held. is a very good stock music library and contains thousands of tracks for use in TV, film, advertising and online and corporate video.
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Stock Music Library UK for Production Music

Stock Music Library UK

If you are searching for a stock music library UK, then check out This library provides good stock music for uses in TV, film, advertising and online media. Muziko has been used by different UK video companies such as Little Orchard Productions and advertising companies such as JWT London.  A good stock music library is where various advertising and production companies go in order to obtain good music for their video projects.

Using Stock Music for Video

Once a video production company has been on location and shot a video for their product, they will then edit this and add any graphic changes required. After this they might record a voice over and then it is time to choose some tracks from a stock music library UK. Choosing good stock music is important in getting the right feel across to your target market. You need to portray the right sentiment in your stock music track. Advertising is often about projecting the right feeling towards an audience and music here is very important.

What Makes a Good Stock Music Library UK?

When you are searching for a good stock music library you are looking for mainly good music. But what is also important is being able to easily find tracks. The search facility is important so that you can find the production music tracks that you are looking for. What is also important is whether or not the library is easy to use or not. Can you easily add tracks to a list of Favourites and a cart? Can you easily preview the tracks? All of these factors are important for a Stock Music Library in the UK.


Hopefully this blog entry has helped you in deciding on what is important in a stock music library UK. From here you can go on to find good production music for your video productions.


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