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Background Music for Video – Choosing Right


Background Music for video can make all the difference to a video production. It can really bring out the tone and feel of a video and convey a feeling to the viewer. Think of one of your favourite films and how this would be without its soundtrack or film score. This blog entry discusses the various styles and types of background music for video and how to choose the right piece for your production.

Background Music for Video – Styles and Genres

As the director of an online music library it is very interesting to see what types of tracks video producers and directors choose. It’s subjective, and at the end of the day, down to personal opinion really. It also depends on what the market is, if you are creating a promotional video. What is the demographic of your target and what type of background music will appeal to them?

Genre: This is important for every audience as the style of background music for video is something that is identifiable with. Younger audiences will mostly like the newest freshest style of music such as dubstep, electronic and pop. More mature audiences will probably identify with something of their own generation. These days, more and more there is a lot more music coming on the scene that is electronic as opposed to a band sound. It’s all about the technology, it seems.

Style: How much style does the background music need to have? Obviously for anything fashionable, youth appealing or trendy, this is a requirement!

Tempo: Having the right tempo or pace in a track is important to the rhythm of the video itself. Is there much action in the production? This obviously needs to be reflected in the music.

Mood: Mood is very important. As a chooser of tracks for video requests are received for ‘a track’ with little or no brief. But one of the most important things is to know the mood required as this reflects and sets the scene for the video or ad being produced.

Background Music for video, Production Music Library

Choosing the right background music for your video will greatly enhance the production.

Role of the music: What is the music’s function? Is there a voice over that explains more about the theme or product? If not, the background music for video might have to take a more central role and drive things more.

What else to consider in Background Music for Video

Music is very subjective. But when the right piece of music is placed with a good video, it just creates the right tone and feel and this just hits the viewer in the right place. Obviously budget is something that needs to be considered but with lots of good production music libraries online, there is plenty of choice. Happy music hunting!

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