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Production Music for Carlsberg

Production Music for a Carlsberg Commercial

Once again the staff at Muziko have been busy placing production music library tracks into various commercials, ads and online videos. March at Muziko was very bust, especially when it came to custom music. The guys wrote two custom pieces, one for Irish Water and one for Broadlake Investments. The Irish Water ad has been playing quite frequently on Irish television and radio. You can watch this commercial here. However in April, the Muziko guys have been placing tracks into TV and radio commercials.



One of these commercial placements has been part of Carlsberg’s sponsorship of the FAI and the Irish team. They chose the Muziko track, Retro Patterns, to sync to this TV commercial which is used during commercial breaks during half time and commentary. The client wanted a rock production music track which had a feel good, classic theme, and so this music was chosen.  For the voice over, there is a well known Irish sports newsreader. This voice, as well as the cheering crowd sound fx, fit perfectly with the visuals. These are nice shot of several cold bottles of Carlsberg beer. The result is a very nicely produced vignette for this premium beer brand.

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Quirky Production Music for Aer Lingus Commercial

Quirky Production Music for January Sales Campaign

The run up to Christmas was a busy time for Muziko. Some advertising agencies had gotten in touch about custom music for their campaigns from within Ireland and further afield, in fact, from Dubai! So, now in January, it’s all hands on deck creating new tracks and also sending more quirky production music from the library to clients for their commercials and web videos.




One of the tracks that was supplied before Christmas was Colour Chimes for an Aer Lingus commercial. One of Ireland’s busiest advertising agencies had gotten in touch requiring a fun, up tempo track for a January Sales campaign. The track creates a feeling of excitement and all of the possibilities that holidays and travel can bring.

This track came from the Quirky II album of tracks which has proved very successful in recent times. Theses tracks have featured in a number of commercials in Ireland and abroad.

If you require any tracks for your commercial of web video productions, please get in touch at and on of the team will be happy to help.




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Quirky Stock Music Placements

Here at Muziko, the library tends to specialize in quirky stock music tracks, the type that might be found on Apple TV commercials. These tracks have a happy quirky feel and are popular in tv and radio commercials and also online and web videos, as well as corporate videos. The type of instruments that tend to be used are ukuleles, mandolins, xylophones, vibraphones, various percussion instruments and anything that has a quirky school band feel. These instruments tend to give a positive, happy-go-lucky feeling to a commercial or online video.

Recent Quirky Stock Music Placements

In recent times Muziko has placed tracks with several online video promoting new products and services. One is Parkbob which is a new app which tells you where to park.



Lofty is an online tool for selling antiques and collectables. It links sellers with buyers and lets them help each other to sell items profitably and effectively by cooperating over the process online.

Wolfies is a new fast food chain franchise that is currently being promoted in the UK.


With all of these videos, music with a positive uplifting feel was needed to portray a new and fresh vision for these services or products. has hundreds of quirky stock music tracks which can create the right mood and feel for any promotional or explainer video. All of these videos and animations were created by our friends at Piehole who are the experts in this feel.


Alan Killian is the director of and also composes custom music for TV and radio commercials.

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Halloween Stock Music on Our Top 5 Scary Ads

Halloween Stock Music in Ads

Music for Halloween Commercials


As Halloween approaches various ad agencies and production houses get busy creating all kinds of spooky and scary ads for various shows and products with Halloween stock music tracks. Halloween recently is becoming more and more of a major event on the annual calender. And it is the adults that are enjoying it as much as the kids! It is an excuse to dress up, let loose and allow that freaky alter ego to come out! With one or two of the Muziko team being DJs, they have noticed a whole week of nights out in the lead up to Halloween with various parties around London, Dublin and beyond enjoying the creepy capers!

And to promote these events and products, ad agencies pick some of the best scary Halloween stock music as a creepy underscore to their commercials. Here are some of our favourite TV ads in recent times!

1. Ikea Singapore – The Shining

This is a great parody on the Stanley Kubrick directed classic horror, The Shining. A child cycles around a deserted Ikea store looking for his parents until they appear suddenly as the twin girls in the movie…


2. Phones4U – Samsung Tocco

Once again this ad for a mobile phone deal seems to take inspiration from The Shining with what seems to be one of the Grady Twins appearing with news of the latest offer…


3. Sony PlayStation 3 – Baby Doll

This commercial is not so much scary but a little more disturbing! It depicts a baby doll’s reaction to the new Playstation 3 with some really nice drone music…


4. BEWARE – K-Free ‘Car’

There is a scary surprise at the end of the K-Free ad which will certainly wake you up. The Halloween stock music in this ad is beyond cheesy – kind of pan pipes over synth strings in what is really elevator music!

5. Autoway Tyres – Japan – Using Halloween Stock Music

Finally on the list is an ad from Japan. Two guys drive down a snowy back road only to hit a scary looking girl. When driving back towards here, she delivers some advice on where to buy tyres!

For some pop or commercial music check out this collection of Halloween songs by pop and rock artists here.

We hope that you enjoyed these scary Tv commercials which contain some interesting Halloween type music. Be sure to keep safe over the spooky festive season.


Happy Halloween, from the Muziko Team!

Muziko has a large range of Halloween stock music tracks here which can be licensed for all media including TV and radio ads plus web video.

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Music for Radio Ads – UPC


Music for Radio Ads

The team at Muziko often receives requests for music for radio ads. This time a Dublin ad agency got in touch needing a sports type track for a UPC radio commercial. Muziko responded and send some uptempo tracks with plenty of energy. The right one for the ad was chosen, the mix was done and here is the result!

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Music for Commercials – News

Music for Business Start up Videos and Commercials

Music for Commercials – News

Once again the Muziko team has been providing more music for commercials from their ever expanding collection of tracks. The team provides a lot of tracks for agencies in both London and Dublin, however it has also been recently helping advertising agencies in places such as Dubai.

Latest Music for Commercials Placements

One of Muziko’s most recent placements was for Disney who has has launched a summer campaign for their DVD collection. The Irish International Agency in Dublin got in touch and asked for a quirky production music track which had a fun childlike element to it. Muziko provided a number of tracks and the client chose Port Kwela, a fun and vibrant piece with a real summer feel.

Disney Summer Radio Commercial

Music Placement in Commercial for O’Brien’s Sandwich Bars and Cafes

Once again Millbrook Studios, a good client of Muziko, were in touch recently to find some music for commercials for their client, O’Briens. They wanted a fun and uplifting quirky music track and chose a piece called This Roaring Ukulele. This is a big ukulele based tune with a ragtime happy-go-lucky feel. Also features in the track is vibraphone and that good old whirly whistle.

New Stuff Coming to Muziko

Music for Business Start up Videos and Commercials

Music for Business Start up Videos and Commercials

Coming soon to Muziko will be a new collection of tracks called Start Me Up. This will be a collection of  instrumental pieces which will work well for commercials and online videos about young start-up companies. The collection will contain a mix of quirky tracks as well as positive electronic pieces. All will have a defining new and progressive feel.

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Music for Documentary – Kennedy’s Irish Mafia

Music for Documentary

Acquiring the right music for documentary can always be quite a daunting task. Directors, producers and editors often work for months on a documentary and they obviously want the perfect music to compliment their work. The music may require a range of emotions – suspense, joy, tragedy and intensity. ANd the right track has to be placed into the right scene.

Kennedy’s Irish Mafia Documentary

Circle Films in Blackrock had been working on a new Kennedy documentary for sometime. Writer/Producer David Harvey had started editing in 2013 and was close to requiring music for his production. The type of production music was based in classical instruments such as strings and piano, but also some light electronic tracks too. The result was a nice balance of moods which helped the tone and sentiment of the film and heightened emotion where it was needed. David is featured being interviewed here on TV3 with some clips form the documentary.

How to Choose Music for Documentary

Choosing music can be a difficult task. And it depends form where you can source your tracks. At, they have lists, or Albums, of tracks in certain genres so this makes things a little easier for the editor and producer. There is also the search field where a user can just type a keyword/s in and it will bring up a list of related tracks, one of which should fit the scene or clip. Muziko contains tracks in all styles and genres and therefore it should be easy to find the music that you require for your production. If there is anything specific that you need, please do not hesitate to contact the Muziko team at



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Production Music Library News

Production Music Library News at Muziko

As usual the guys at Muziko have been busy providing production music for a range of videos and commercials. With Halloween and Christmas fast approaching, it is usually a bust time for any production music library and Muziko is no exception.

Some Production Music Placements

The guys at Jump Films are good friends of Muziko and often call on them to provide tracks for their videos. Jump Films create a range of different video work from shorts to corporates and other online promotional videos. One of their clients is Insomnia Coffee. With the likes of Starbucks pushing into the European Market, there is more and more competition for coffee. So Insomnia, a local brand, is fighting back with some promotional videos. The guys at Jump did a great job and they used a production Music Library track called Stargazer by composer Josh Wynter. Josh creates beautiful and flowing pieces that are worthy of being placed into high budget feature films and just listening to his tracks explains why.


Our friends at Media Milk have also been using our music and recently placed a track with one of their productions. Their client was Activas. vStream Digital is a Dublin based digital agency and video and animation production company and they have also recently been using some of the track from the Muziko library.

As always Muziko is finding new talented composers to add to their roster so that it can supply the TV and video industry with excellent production music library tracks.


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Background Music for Video – Choosing Right


Background Music for video can make all the difference to a video production. It can really bring out the tone and feel of a video and convey a feeling to the viewer. Think of one of your favourite films and how this would be without its soundtrack or film score. This blog entry discusses the various styles and types of background music for video and how to choose the right piece for your production.

Background Music for Video – Styles and Genres

As the director of an online music library it is very interesting to see what types of tracks video producers and directors choose. It’s subjective, and at the end of the day, down to personal opinion really. It also depends on what the market is, if you are creating a promotional video. What is the demographic of your target and what type of background music will appeal to them?

Genre: This is important for every audience as the style of background music for video is something that is identifiable with. Younger audiences will mostly like the newest freshest style of music such as dubstep, electronic and pop. More mature audiences will probably identify with something of their own generation. These days, more and more there is a lot more music coming on the scene that is electronic as opposed to a band sound. It’s all about the technology, it seems.

Style: How much style does the background music need to have? Obviously for anything fashionable, youth appealing or trendy, this is a requirement!

Tempo: Having the right tempo or pace in a track is important to the rhythm of the video itself. Is there much action in the production? This obviously needs to be reflected in the music.

Mood: Mood is very important. As a chooser of tracks for video requests are received for ‘a track’ with little or no brief. But one of the most important things is to know the mood required as this reflects and sets the scene for the video or ad being produced.

Background Music for video, Production Music Library

Choosing the right background music for your video will greatly enhance the production.

Role of the music: What is the music’s function? Is there a voice over that explains more about the theme or product? If not, the background music for video might have to take a more central role and drive things more.

What else to consider in Background Music for Video

Music is very subjective. But when the right piece of music is placed with a good video, it just creates the right tone and feel and this just hits the viewer in the right place. Obviously budget is something that needs to be considered but with lots of good production music libraries online, there is plenty of choice. Happy music hunting!

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The Muziko Production Music Library

Muziko Production Music Library Updates

Production music library tracks are constantly being licensed from the team at Muziko. Recently this has not changed with plenty of music placements happening. There is usually quite a range of uses for these production music tracks from online video to radio and tv ads as well as use in educational productions.

 Production Music in Spar TV Commercial

One of the highest profile uses of a production music library track was for a Spar TV commercial. Spar wanted a campaign to promote their own brand rang of products and chose a track called Baby Will You Marry Me, the instrumental version. Both the agency production team as well as the client were very happy with the track and the campaign has been enjoyed by audiences in Ireland.

Quirky Production Music for HMH Educational App

Another slightly more unusual use of tracks was for an educational software app developed by HMH. They wanted some fun, quirky production music tracks which which would appeal to kids. The audio part of the app was created an Windmill Lane Audio Post in Dublin.

 Jump Films Use Track for Insomnia Coffee

A very recent use of production music was by friends at Jump Films who created a video for Insomnia Coffee. The guys at Jump used a track by an excellent young composer, Josh Wynter, called Stargazer. A video link to this production will be available soon.

Production Music Track for Abrakebabra

Recently Millbrook Studios contacted the Muziko team for a quirky and happy track for their client, Abrakebabra. A track entitled Quirky was chosen and the following radio commercial was produced:

So these are just a selection of the recent uses of production music library tracks at Muziko. Do check in again soon when there will be more posts of new work.

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